Thursday, June 10, 2010

i miss uolss!

Suddenly I miss uolss..i remember uollss…I wanna meet and hug uolss..

Miss d moment we’hv been together…

Playing together for d whole day without being tired at all…

Huha..huhaaaa…being a kid is one of d best part in our life, rite…??

Nothing need to push…nothing need to rush…nothing need to do…bla bla bla….

I’m standing here..u standing there…they run and run far from us….hide and seek..oh oh oh…really miss d moment! (sumpah tak tipu!)

During that time she was a small girl…they were a small boy…our adek-adek are still cute running here and there….

We eat together but not taking bath together! (lol!)…

Now everyone is different…obviously I tought….

Everyone have their own way of life….

Now he is a handsome guy wif s0ft hearted…

Now she is a talkative adek that much of d time will become a silent person….

Now he is a hot stylo adek wif the mouth keep speaking like heaven..gosh! (jeles gile!)..

Now he is a humble guy keep trying to achieve his dream…

Now he is a cute guy that always being someone that can make people smile…

ALL MY DEAR-DEAR COUSIN!! Do uollsss know that I miss uolssss so damn much now? Now? Urghh…..

I hope we can be gather again most of d time….I wish our heart will be tied forever….and I pray each of us will always love each other and pray for each other even tough we are farrrrr farrr awayyyyy.....



(n0ta kaki: ini sume gara2 adek sedare aku upload pica mase kecik2 dlu kat fb...kan aku dah jadi rindu! bluwekkk!)

Deeply mine,

Cik Neia (nak jugak macam cik Ah! hahaha)

Monday, June 7, 2010

doa merupakan senjata bagi orang mukmin


Ya Allah, kami letakkan Engkau di batang leher musuh kami, dan kami berlindung denganMu dari kejahatan mereka. Ya Allah leburkan kumpulan mereka, kacau-bilaukan kesatuan mereka, cerai-beraikan pakatan mereka, goncangkan pendirian mereka, hantarkan anjing Engkau ke atas mereka. Wahai Tuhan yang gagah perkasa, wahai Tuhan yang penuh raksasa, wahai Tuhan yang bersifat murka. Ya Allah. Wahai Tuhan yang menurunkan Al-Quran, wahai Tuhan yang mengarakkan awan, wahai Tuhan yang menewaskan bala tentera Al-Ahzab, kalahkan mereka, menangkanlah kami ke atas mereka.

rujukan sy drpd : =)